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Daniel Meré

Daniel Meré

Director of photography Daniel Mere was born in Switzerland but grew up in Asturias, where his interest in lighting was awoken by the natural colors that surrounded him, with the landscapes and other work of Todd Hido becoming one of his major influences. It was in Asturias that he studied photography, and discovered all the possibilities of the moving image.

After several years in the audiovisual industry, he decided to do an International Master’s in Cinematography at the EFTI (the International Centre of Photography and Cinema in Madrid.) After that, he worked as a cinematographer with various directors and producers, working in advertising and making music videos, two of which were nominated for a UK Music Video Award.

His passion for lighting and his unceasing research and learning have led him to see photography in an authentically personal way, which he intuitively uses to capture his vision through light, framing and texture.

Mixing influences from photography professionals such as Antoine de Agathe and Christopher Doyle with his own meticulous attention to detail, Daniel Meré tries to achieve the precise atmosphere needed for each project in order to subtly but assuredly leave his own personal imprint on each of his works.

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