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Martí Herrera

Martí Herrera

Barcelona born and raised, Martí started filming skateboarding videos with his friends in the early youth. Documenting everything in its day-a-day life was the spark that fired his vocation for filmmaking so, as consequence, he decided to study cinematography at ESCAC Film School.

He is constantly looking for new opportunities to expand his current knowledge, resources, and views in order to push his personal limits in cinematography. As a highly curious and open-minded individual, he finds himself observing everything and anything that surrounds him.

Combining his creativity, story-telling, and technical abilities in order to create meaningful images, Martí travels the world developing all kind of projects such as documentaries, commercials, or fashion films.

He has had the opportunity to work together with clients, brands, and production companies such as Nike, Loewe, Estrella Damm, Nowness, Adidas, Apartamento, Mango, or Twentyfour-seven.

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