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Persona is the cinematographer duo formed by Mario Lerma and Alex Rapariz.

Mario grew up in Cali and discovered his love for cinema from a really young age while working for a video store, taking movie rentals as the only payment he could accept because of his age.

Alex discovered his visual world through the images he shot while skating with his friends at Plaza Colón, Madrid, where he picked up a miniDV camera for the first time. This leads him to quit his engineering studies and change his way of life to study Cinematography at EFTI International School, where they both crossed paths.

Since then they started working together in commercials, music videos, and fiction, connected by the relentless attempt to take care of every frame with a meticulous eye for detail. Their unified sensibilities bring to their work a unique point of view where craft, intuition, rawness, and emotions come first.

They strongly believe in developing a personal approach to whatever they invest themselves in, and an endless desire to turn everything that leaves their hands into something meaningful and raw.

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