DOP Josep Civit
starts the shooting of
'Born a King'


The director of photography, Josep Civit is in London shooting ‘Born a King‘, the new film by Agustí Villaronga.

"The feature film takes place in the 1920s, when there was a desire to unify Saudi Arabia: England supplied weapons to all of the tribes so that they would fight among themselves. It will cover the childhood of the future King Faisal, who went to England as a child to resolve the conflict. He is a boy of 14 or 15 who is suddenly opened up to the world: he went from the desert to the cosmopolitan city of London, where a tap with running water was already quite a discovery. And he had to grapple with English diplomacy, which was a real nest of vipers.” says Villaronga.

The shooting starts in London in June and will go on in Saudi Arabia in October. It's a co-production between Lolafilms, Celtic Films Entertainment and Saudi Arabia.