Festival de Málaga 2018


The short film 'La Última Virgen' has received the Best Fiction Short Film Award (Biznaga de Plata) in the 21st edition of Festival de Málaga (2018). Short film with cinematography by Planb DOP Lucas Casanovas, directed by Bàrbara Farré and produced by ESCAC Films.

The Short Film has also been awarded in the Medina del Campo Film Festival with the Best Sound and Best Costume Design Awards with a Jury Special Mention at her director, Bàrbara Farré.

Moreover in CreatRivas 2018, Bàrbara Farré received the Best Direction Jury Award.

'The Short Film focuses on an uncomfortable reality without judging the characters, demonstrating great command of the cinematographic language' according to the Malaga Film Fest.